This category includes all courses offered by respected teachers. It includes teachers from universities, colleges, institutes, academies, online training centers and others. 

Q. Is there any fee of selling courses on

Answer: No. Its free to create courses online. You need a teacher account.

Q. How to create courses?


1. You need a teacher account on 

2. Creating teacher account is simple. Click on Login button given on the top of page and yo will see login page and a button "Create new account" button given bottom of the page. Before creating account, read the information given above the button. You have to fill Surname as Student or Teacher. 

  Teacher means an individual or a university in-charge, school admin, college admin, academy owner, freelancer, some private business etc. Teacher will administrator of the account here in this site. We will email the training manual on how to use this website to create courses, lessons, topics, audios, videos, forums, groups, chat, add all class students to a course with some pin number of the course. Student may create an account online but you will create one user name  and email per class and all the students will use the same user name and email to login and read the contents. One thing you need to remember is that you have to add students manually in the course. When you login as teacher, you see all options and follow the manual we will email you.

For freelancers,

g. We currently do not have online payment method. So, get payment yourself if you are a freelancer. It may be via bank or check or EasyPaisa (Put payment method in course introduction page). 

 Your course will be online only if you want to make it online for the site visitors. When someone clicks on your course, he/she will see your course introduction page where you put your email, or phone. When student contact you on your phone or email, set payment details, enroll in the course and start teaching. there is no fee for the use of our website. It absolutely free for teachers.   

h. You have to edit your account details and change your password first, enter phone etc.

We have complete guide of how to create online course on our system. You will get details on your email. Its all free.

Q. How about the course content?


Please make your course professional. Add topics, lessons, forums, chat, groups, assignments, quiz, audio, video. All these features are freely available to you when you create course on our site. You will not see any ad on your course.

Remember!Important Note about Copyrights!

Never copy and paste any writing, image, audio or video. Go to google search and check for copyrights of the content you put here. Put your own idea and sell it. Others ideas are detected by our site and your course(s) do not show up on first search pages.  

1. Be professional as a teacher/trainer

2. Put your course in the right category. Select the right category from the drop down on course creation page. For example, if you are a college and want to offer online diploma course then select college category during course creation.   

3. Show time table of courses on first page.

3. Make table of contents, you may show it on first page.

4. Make your lesson plans.

5. Try to put images, visual interface so that students easily understand the concepts.

6. For freelancers, set terms and conditions. It include the fees, timing, communication method, payment method, location etc. before starting the course.


If there are complains from the students about the course, Your account may go to review process. We may suspend your account for three weeks if the problem persists.  




If you have any query, you may contact us via our support page.